TORSEHLUSSPANIK, Means “Gate Shut, Panic” or The fear of diminishing opportunities as one ages

I came across this German word for which there is no English equivalent. The literal translation is ” gate shut, panic”  referring to the times when city gates closed for the night. In English it is roughly translated as meaning “The fear of diminishing opportunities as one ages”.  If you are over 50, your chances of becoming a champion sportsman are gone. Same goes if you have put off starting a family and your partners eggs have dried up. For many people, the term “I’ll get round to it” never really eventuates leaving older men regretting putting important goals off for too long until its just too late. As you get older, have a good look at your bucket list and start ticking off those that you know you wont be able to do the longer you wait. If you are single and like the look of the picture above, your chances of meeting a girl with a bum like that are pretty slim.  If you haven’t written a bucket list, you might get a few ideas you hadn’t thought of in the next post. Happy reading and feel free to comment.