Why men don’t go to see a doctor and why I wish I hadn’t gone

Why men don’t go to the doctor.

I have a fear of doctors. Men do. We soldier on with all sorts of issues because we always get better. As we grow older, all sorts of health issues plague is. I have a cough, I hope it goes away, and it does eventually. So we, as men convince ourselves that whatever health problem we have will always go away. How many times do men have a problem. Shit loads. But, while we fear that we may have a serious health issue, we wait. After all, that ache, pain, discomfort we had when we were younger always seemed to fix itself up given time.

Recent surveys reveal that the main reasons men don’t go to the doctor are not enough time or scared of finding out that there might be something wrong

If you have a partner it helps. I remember my ex wife dragging me begrudgingly to the doctor and her saying, “test him for everything” The result, slightly high cholesterol. The doc wanted to put me on statins, fuck that. She then prescribed Champix to fix my smoking habit. Sure I stopped smoking but had that horrible side effect of feeling suicidal, so I gave that up and unfortunately went back to a pack a day.

I recently moved to a new town and for no particular reason thought it would be a good idea to get a doctor. Bad idea. She ran a load of tests and oh shit, I was a borderline diabetic. More tests confirmed what I thought only fat people got. I went in to a depressed state. Drank to much and started smoking too many. I got a second opinion and lo and behold, my new doctor told me its not as bad as I thought and by eating healthier I could stay on top of it. Given that I had already started changing my eating habits I breathed a sigh of relief.

Going to the doctor, caused me severe anxiety and depression. I feel OK now but I wish Id never gone to see the bloody doctor in the first place.

On another note, the first doctor I spoke to told me the only time men went to the see the doc was when their nob stopped working properly. More on that later.