ManGOD Blog. Inspired by Billy Connolly

Billy Connolly in banana boots

The Inspiration for this web site / blog came from Billy Connolly, The Great Scottish comedian. The man that coined the phrase “Grow Old Disgracefully”. I was at the  Manchester Free Trade Hall, June 1977. Billy Connolly walked on stage wearing his signature Fyffes banana boots and brought the house down. Not many people had heard of him in England at the time. An article promoting the gig hailed him as the funniest comedian to come out of Scotland where he was known as the Big Yin and based on that, myself and a few friends bought tickets. Back then his Scottish accent was much stronger and we could only understand half of his jokes. The many Scottish fans in the audience got the other half and as laughing is so contagious we roared away through the whole set. Fast forward 35 years and I saw an interview on UK TV where he talked about growing old and summarised  In the newspaper “The Scotsman”, he is quoted as saying “You’re constantly told to grow up. Grow up, its time you grew up, you’ve got some growing up to do boy. What they really mean is, get boring, stop being angry, stop being interesting, stop being a nuisance. I would say, don’t grow up. By all means grow old, but don’t grow up. Don’t be beige. I think disgraceful is the way to do it. Be a nuisance, stay alive”

Grow old disgracefully became his motto and since the the term has been widely used. This blog pays tribute to the great man. ManGOD is short for Man Growing Old Disgracefully.

Over the coming months I will be covering many of the issues men face growing older. So keep coming back, help contribute or join us and Grow Old Disgracefully.