Diet and exercise advice for older men. How to get slim and fit without too much effort.

How mature older men get slim, fit and healthy without trying too hard

This is a photo I took when I woke up on my 60th birthday (July 31 2018). I weighed 76.4 kilos.

mangod at 60


I used to be your typical middle aged fat white chain smoking, beer swilling bloke but a visit to the doctor changed all that.  Read my post about why men don’t visit the doctor.

Shortly after the above photo was taken, I got a text from the doctors asking me to come in for a check up.
A nurse ran some tests and put me on a machine that took a bunch of readings.
She seemed surprised as most of the 60 year olds she sees are fat and unfit. It seems that a lot of older men do not do much about diet and exercise and have given up looking after themselves.

The doctor explained the results of the tests and told me that my metabolic age was 45.

That was a nice surprise and since then I have lost another half a kilo. It also made me realise that with little effort, anyone can get fit and slim no matter how old they are or what state they are currently in.

Metabolic age of 45
My metabolic age. Weight 76.5 Kilos, Height 179cm, Fat 19.6%, Muscle Mass 59.4 Kilo, Metabolic Age 45

How older men can lose weight and get fit without too much effort.

My last post talked about why men don’t go to the doctor and why I wish I hadn’t.  My last visit led to severe depression and a feeling of helplessness. I got over it and after a couple of months, bought a pushbike and changed my diet.

I lost weight without too much effort by giving up sugar and eating what I thought was a healthy diet. At first it was hard because I was still eating bread and butter with every meal. I also loved my French fries, but I ate less. I also ate a fair bit of pasta and rice. Again I ate less but it was impossible to maintain my target weight.  When I went over, I would just starve myself with the mantra, “hunger is your friend” until the scales said 76. Now, I  never starve or feel hungry because I found new foods to keep me full.

You may think you are eating healthy but you may be wrong.
I thought eating wholemeal bread as opposed to white was good. Turns out not to be the case. When you cut out bread, sugar, potatoes, pasta and white rice, you are able to eat as much as you like and still keep the weight off.
Now, I enjoy big breakfasts of fried eggs, bacon, tomatoes and mushroom, Salad for lunch and steaks and vegies for dinner.

I cycle 4 days a week and now weigh myseld every morning. I swapped beer for red wine and if I do have an ale or 8, I drink low carb Hahn Superdry which is sugar free and low carb. As I began to regulate my weight, keeping to my target of 76 kilos, I began to log all the food I ate with an app.

Is there an App for that?
The app I use is called MyNetDiary. I use the free version.  I enter all the food I eat and it gives me a daily account of the amount of fat and carbs consumed. I tried a couple of other apps and I am sure there are others as good if not better. Let us know. I also installed GoogleFit on my phone. When I’m out walking or cycling, GoogleFit synchs with MyNetDiary and calculates how many calories I burn and then adjusts the overall calories I can eat to maintain my target weight. My next purchase will be a Fitbit or their Versa watch which is waterproof because summers coming and I’m keen to hit the surf.

If you are not ready to give up your jugs of beautiful English best bitter, then treat yourself to an eyeful of these lovely 1980’s jugs belonging to Sam Fox.

I have chosen higher fat, low carb foods and this works for me.

As for exercise, I walk or cycle 4 or 5 days a week. I also do a lot of stretching, a few push ups and some stomach exercises.  Now I have a flat stomach, I would like to keep it that way, so when I am watching TV, I raise my legs 20 times and this seems to have the desired effect of keeping the tummy muscles taught.

Here is my recommended diet for the older man.

Breakfast:– Day 1 – Fried eggs, bacon, tomatoes and mushroom with two slices of toasted Aldi 85% Lower carb bread and butter.

Breakfast day 2:- Quick oats made with full cream milk drizzled with one teaspoon of honey and topped with banana and blueberries (thawed from frozen)

Lunch:- A salad with a dressing made of apple cider vinegar, olive oil and mustard. Eat a combination of  tinned mackerel, tuna or chicken and add cheese for calcium. Lettuce, tomatoes, capsicum (I don’t like cucumber or beetroot). Add any other salad in season that’s cheap.

Dinner:- Lean steak, pork, lamb chicken or fish. Loads of vegetables. I like to sauté onion and garlic in olive oil. Add thinly sliced sweet potato or pumpkin. Then add leafy greens and broccoli. I just found out that you can eat cauliflower leaves. I used to throw them away. Zucchini (courgettes), broccoli or any other in season cheap veggies. To make them extra tasty I add chillies preserved in oil.
For a variation, boil up some brown rice and portion off some for the freezer. Cook the meat, then add soy sauce and oyster sauce (Or teriyaiki) to your veg for an oriental kick but some of those sauces contain a lot of sugar so read the labels.

Almonds and walnuts are really good for you. Sometimes I mix them with salted mixed nuts.
Fruit. Whatever is in season.
Dark chocolate can be a bit bitter but if you eat it with some Aldi sugar free biscuits, its a nice treat.
Cheese and crackers.

Exercise advice for the older man

Get on your bike.
I bought a mountain bike from Aldi. It cost $80.
It requires a bit of maintenance because the brakes are cheap and wear down quickly but I’ve smothered all the moving parts with WD40 and it goes good. I get on it about 4 times a week and find I can now cycle uphill whereas before, I got off and walked.
I watch TV laying down and find it easy to raise my legs 20 times which tightens my stomach muscles.
I like to stretch and this helps keep me supple.
I went to a gym once. Try it but its not for me.
Do whatever you like to do to keep active. For me I am fortunate enough to live by the ocean and swim a lot when the water is warm.
Just keep on moving. The more you move the more you like it. When you see the transformation in your body, it urges you to become more active. Have lots of sex. When your partner sees your transformation she is more “up for it”

Stay healthy and live longer boys.

The many benefits of going to the Gym

You are the man. Your are the Mangod, the Man Growing Old Disgracefully. Join Us



Why men don’t go to see a doctor and why I wish I hadn’t gone

Why men don’t go to the doctor.

I have a fear of doctors. Men do. We soldier on with all sorts of issues because we always get better. As we grow older, all sorts of health issues plague is. I have a cough, I hope it goes away, and it does eventually. So we, as men convince ourselves that whatever health problem we have will always go away. How many times do men have a problem. Shit loads. But, while we fear that we may have a serious health issue, we wait. After all, that ache, pain, discomfort we had when we were younger always seemed to fix itself up given time.

Recent surveys reveal that the main reasons men don’t go to the doctor are not enough time or scared of finding out that there might be something wrong

If you have a partner it helps. I remember my ex wife dragging me begrudgingly to the doctor and her saying, “test him for everything” The result, slightly high cholesterol. The doc wanted to put me on statins, fuck that. She then prescribed Champix to fix my smoking habit. Sure I stopped smoking but had that horrible side effect of feeling suicidal, so I gave that up and unfortunately went back to a pack a day.

I recently moved to a new town and for no particular reason thought it would be a good idea to get a doctor. Bad idea. She ran a load of tests and oh shit, I was a borderline diabetic. More tests confirmed what I thought only fat people got. I went in to a depressed state. Drank to much and started smoking too many. I got a second opinion and lo and behold, my new doctor told me its not as bad as I thought and by eating healthier I could stay on top of it. Given that I had already started changing my eating habits I breathed a sigh of relief.

Going to the doctor, caused me severe anxiety and depression. I feel OK now but I wish Id never gone to see the bloody doctor in the first place.

On another note, the first doctor I spoke to told me the only time men went to the see the doc was when their nob stopped working properly. More on that later.