A Mans guide to getting his hair dyed

Dye you hair and give you mates a laugh

Mangod Hair Cut
Getting a hair cut

A Mans guide to getting his hair dyed.

I quite like the salt and pepper look and to be honest, had never thought about dying may hair until I was out with my much younger girlfriend and we went to see a band her cousin was in. Standing at the back of the crowded pub one thing struck me, I was the only one here with grey hair. At the time I worked in a large open office with 100 other mostly younger people. My space, a booth with a desk and chair surrounded with grey walls personalised with a picture of my kids.

Hair cut
Hair ready for colouring

To see me, as you walked past the booth you had to stick your head over. After my new hair do I got to work early and sat down at my desk. The morning meeting soon shifted from sales projections to hair jokes. Throughout the day a constant stream of my fellow workmates peered over to have a look, joke and laugh. The best comment from Ivan was “Mikes wearing a wig” – Bastard.

Problems men face when getting their hair dyed

The problem with getting your hair dyed is that it looks pretty unnatural at first. It gets better after a week or so after it fades a little bit. Eventually it fades and you get grey roots so you need to get it done again. That’s the problem, It looks great after a week or two. And it looks great for a month before it needs doing again so people always know when you have had your hair done.

Man hair dyed
Leave colouring on for 20 minutes

Yes you do look younger, from a distance and from the back so you will not stand out as the only grey in the village. But in reality, if you are 55, you will still look 55 close up.

The bottom line is, if you do dye your hair, it is an expensive way to look younger because it needs constant re-colouring. So next we’ll look at those shampoos that supposedly, slowly colour your hair. I remember an old TV ad for Grecian 2000. Lets see what the local supermarket has to offer.

After hair dying
Rinse and reveal

Tips for men considering getting their hair dyed

Avoid going to a hairdresser if you can. I don’t like the idea of being seen by passers by. Get a hairdresser to visit you in your home or go to a home based one.

Use quality products. Here my hairdresser used “Goldwell”   which is one of the top brands. Cheap hair colour stinks really bad and makes your eyes water.

Get to know your hair colour, mine is a mid brown 6.

Do not let the hairdresser leave the colour on for more than 20 minutes. The longer it is on, the darker your hair goes.

Once you have your hair dyed you need to maintain it and it can become very expensive over time.

Be prepared to have your mates take the piss.