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The Inspiration for this web site / blog came from Billy Connolly, The Great Scottish comedian. The man that coined the phrase “Grow Old Disgracefully”. I was at the  Manchester Free Trade Hall, June 1977. Billy Connolly walked on stage wearing his signature Fyffes banana boots and brought the house down. Continue Reading

Diet and exercise advice for older men. How to get slim and fit without too much effort.

mangod at 60That’s me on my 60th birthday, slim, fit and 76 kilos, but it wasn’t always that way.

I used to be your typical fat white chain smoking alcoholic but a visit to the doctor changed all that.  Read my blog about visiting the doc.

Shortly after the above photo was taken, I got a text from the doctors asking me to come in for a check up.
A nurse ran some tests and put me on a machine that took a bunch of readings.
She seemed surprised as most of the 60 year olds she sees are fat and unfit. It seems that a lot of older men do not do much about diet and exercise and have given up looking after themselves.

The doctor explained the results of the tests and told me that my metabolic age was 45. Continue reading

Why men don’t go to see a doctor and why I wish I hadn’t gone

Recent surveys reveal that the main reasons men don’t go to the doctor are not enough time or scared of finding out that there might be something wrong. Continue reading


A Mans guide to getting his hair dyed.

Man hair dyed
Look younger, get a new barnet

I quite like the salt and pepper look and to be honest, had never thought about dying may hair until I was out with my much younger girlfriend and we went to see a band her cousin was in. Standing at the back of the crowded pub one thing struck me, I was the only one here with grey hair. Continue reading


TORSEHLSSPANIK literally means Gate Shut, Panic and is an old  German word relating to when the city gates closed at night. In English it is roughly translated as the fear of diminishing opportunities as one ages. Continue reading


Why not join an orgy. One of the crazy bucket list ideas to consider
Some CraZy Bucket List ideas for the Older Man
We talked in the last post about the word meaning fear of diminishing opportunities as one ages or Torsehlusspanik. If you haven’t written a bucket list yet, here are a few suggestions. Continue reading